Judith C. Barker, PhD, MA, MSc

What I Do

Salt Fluoridation (SALTF) Study

Associate Director, Center to Address Disparities in Oral Health


 Judith Barker (PhD, MA, MSc) is Professor in Residence in the Department of Anthropology, History, & Social Medicine in UCSF’s School of Medicine and in the School of Dentistry’s Department of Preventive and Restorative Dental Sciences (PRDS). She was recently awarded the Steven Polgar Prize for an article she co-authored on oral health disparities among Mexican-American farmworker children. The Polgar Prize is awarded to a professional medical anthropologist for the best paper published in Medical Anthropology Quarterly for a given year.

Dr. Barker’s research interests focus on the anthropology of health, illness, and medicine, particularly as it applies to vulnerable populations and health disparities. This has led her to study such topics as day-to-day management of chronic illness in patients and families, organization of community-based care, and the impact of migration and social change on health status and the provision of public health services. Dr. Barker holds degrees from Victoria University in Wellington, New Zealand, the University of London, and UC Berkeley/San Francisco.

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