Jing Cheng, MD, MS, PHD


Jing Cheng (MD, MS, PhD) earned her medical degree at West China University of Medical Sciences, a master’s degree in nutrition at Cornell University in 2002, and a doctorate in biostatistics at the University of Pennsylvania in 2006. Before joining CAN DO in 2010, Dr. Cheng was an Assistant Professor in Biostatistics at the University of Florida’s College of Medicine.

Dr. Cheng develops new statistical methods for complex problems in randomized trials and observational studies and is experienced in working with investigators in various fields of health sciences including dentistry and oral diseases, biomedicine, infectious diseases, pharmacogenomics, nursing, and public policy research.

She is currently a principal investigator (PI) on mediation analysis for dental studies at CAN DO, a project to develop statistical methods to better understand how mechanisms of an intervention function and which components are more likely to succeed or fail. This research can facilitate understanding of the causal pathway/mechanism of an intervention and improve future programs by tailoring specific components of an intervention.

Dr. Cheng is also a statistician at CANDO’s Data Coordinating Center (DCC), where she works with investigators on study design, power analysis, randomization, statistical analysis, and the preparation of grant proposals and manuscripts. Dr. Cheng's research interests include:

  • Causal inference (instrument variables & propensity scores) with applications in clinical trials with complex issues such as noncompliance, mediation with intermediate variables (biomarkers, attitude, knowledge, behaviors, etc.), and outcomes only observed in “survivors;”

  • Causal inference in observational studies with measured and unmeasured confounding;

  • Missing data;

  • Methods for genetic association studies;

  • Categorical data analysis;

  • Longitudinal data analysis;

  • Survey design and analysis; and

  • Nonparametric statistics.

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