Benjamin Chaffee, PhD, DDS, MPH

What I Do

KL2 scholar


Benjamin Chaffee (PhD, DDS, MPH) joined CAN DO in 2013 after completing a PhD in epidemiology at the University of California Berkeley. He is a graduate of the UCSF School of Dentistry, where he finished his clinical training (DDS) in 2008. His dissertation work investigated the various roles of early life feeding practices in the development of early childhood caries with the ultimate aim of targeting such behaviors in affordable, effective caries prevention. As part of this investigation, he collaborated with nutritionists and dentists in Porto Alegre, Brazil, where he was part of a team evaluating the effectiveness of health care worker training in municipal health clinics to improve children’s health and nutrition.

Benjamin’s broader research interests include maternal and child health, infant nutrition, life course approaches to the study of chronic disease, evaluation of epidemiologic evidence through systematic review and meta-analysis, global health, and epidemiologic methods. Recent projects have included the use of marginal structural models to account for time-dependent confounding in the case of breastfeeding and caries and also for the estimation of direct and indirect effects in the case of childhood socioeconomic disadvantage, excessive gestational weight gain, and adult obesity.