Dental Public Health Seminar Series

The Dental Public Health (DPH) 175 Seminar Series covers issues such as access to care, quality of care, preventive dentistry, dental health services research, outcomes research, and evidence-based research.

Interested individuals may attend the seminars in person or call in via telephone on selected Tuesdays from 10:00 to 12:00 at 376 Laurel Heights.

Continuing education credits are also available for participants.

To claim them, fill out the course evaluation form here.

Submit requests with license numbers and type (dentist or dental hygienist) to Anne Layton.

Please notify Anne Layton of any phone or address changes.

Faculty Information       Dial-in Instructions
Course Director

Dr. Steven Silverstein
[email protected]


Course Assistant
Anne Layton
415-502-8447 fax
[email protected]

      All handouts, slides, etc. will be available on this web site.

Call the access number at 10:00 AM Pacific on the day of the seminar.

Dail-In Numbers

  • 1-800-953-4481 primary
  • 1-630-827-6471 (outside continental U.S.)
  • 5875720# passcode

If you have any questions or need additional assistance, please contact one of our conferencing specialists at 1-800-266-3373.

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