• BEhavioral EConomics for Oral health iNnovation BEECON NIDCR UH2/UH3 (Gansky/Kahn/Ramos-Gomez)
  • Willamette Dental Group Reducing Health Disparities in Children Program Evaluation NIDCR UH2 and NIMHD RO1 (Mertz/White)
  • Coordinating Center to Help Eliminate/Reduce Oral health Inequities Children NIDCR U01 (Gansky/Gregorich)
  • Centering Pregnancy Oral Health Promotion NIDCR U01 (Chung Berens/Adams)
  • Improve Power in Dental Research NIDCR RO3 (Cheng)
  • Social Determinants of Health in Dentistry (Cheng/Gansky) – Delta Dental Foundation